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Amy's Son Attempted To Arrest 'Suspicious Person' In Neighborhood

Amy's son Stevenson really loves police officers. He wants to be one when he grows up and loves to act as them in his life.

So naturally Amy and her husband gifted their son Stevenson a toy cop car for Christmas. Bobby Bones also went over to Amy's house for Christmas and gifted Stevenson a Christmas gift full of police officer related items like a hoodie, megaphone, and real police badge. Since then, Stevenson hasn't stopped driving his cop car around the neighborhood with all of his stuff on.

Recently, Amy was working out in her garage and her son was out "patrolling the neighborhood" and things were going fine until she saw a man walk by and then shortly after saw her son following behind him. When Stevenson went out of eyesight, Amy followed after him. Thankfully nothing happened to Stevenson, but there was an interaction with the stranger and her son. Stevenson said that the man said some mean things that he didn't want to repeat, and told Amy that he thought the man looked suspicious so he wanted to follow him.

Stevenson was wanting to attempt an arrest because of the man being suspicious, but the man wasn't tolerating Stevenson's following him. Thankfully no one was hurt, but it caused Amy to have a conversation with her son about him admitting he wasn't a real police officer and it wasn't his job to follow or arrest people.