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Big Debate In Amy's House Over Her Daughter Cooking While Home Alone

Amy's 12-year-old daughter Stachira really loves having responsibility at the house. She also gets really invested at cooking times. So Amy decided to teach her daughter how to cook on their gas stove.

As many know, there wasn't a microwave in Amy's house for many years. So Amy and her family are used to having to cook things using their stove or oven. Amy thought teaching her daughter to cook would be a good responsibility for her and something she'd enjoy doing. Turns out she was right.

Fast forward a few days, Stachira started to cook something at the house when she was home by herself. Amy's husband came home and saw her cooking and didn't know why she was doing it.

After a fight on the phone with her husband, Amy found out that her husband wasn't ok with their daughter cooking on the gas stove while home alone. Amy didn't really see an issue with the whole thing, as long as Stachira knew what she was doing. The Bobby Bones Show talked about both sides and ultimately Bobby told Amy to have Stachira cook more when Amy and her husband are home, so he can get more comfortable with the idea of her doing it alone.