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Amy Offers Advice To Parents Going Through Adoption

A listener called into The Bobby Bones Show to ask for some candid advice from Amy. The listener adopted a young girl and has been having a difficult time connecting with her.

Amy opened up about her adoption process with her two children. She shared that when her kids finally got to America after long years of waiting and the adoption process, her daughter wasn't a young child anymore. She was old enough to understand the things that were happening and it made it hard for Amy to connect with her daughter. She noted that there were a lot of moments that were difficult and frustrating, but she says staying patient is key.

Looking back now, Amy is really proud and happy to see how her and her daughter are connecting now over 2 years later. She says it can be trying, but worth it.

Amy also shared that if anyone is going through adoption or considering it, they should look up books to read to hear other stories and experiences.