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Amy's Son Mooned Watchers During Instagram Live

Amy often goes live on her Instagram page to talk about collaborations with The Shop Forward. Her and her best friend + co-worker Meri will go on live to answer listener questions and talk about the projects they're working on.

Last night (February 6) Amy was on Instagram Live with listeners along with her sister, who is visiting. Even Bobby Bones got onto the live feed and talked with Amy for awhile. While Bones wasn't on though, Amy's son Stevenson made an appearance. He was doing his usual 'booty dancing,' but this time decided to moon everyone that was watching.

Amy didn't know what to do when it happened, she laughed and told him to stop immediately. She said on The Bobby Bones Show that she didn't know what to do to make sure he didn't do that again. Bobby suggested she 'fine' him $5 as if it's coming from Instagram.