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Amy's Son Had To Dress Up As Wyatt Earp For 'Wax Museum' Day At School

Amy's kids are doing well in their new school. Her daughter Stachiria is in middle school and her son Stevenson is in elementary school. Amy highlighted on her Instagram, her son having to dress up for an event at his school.

Stevenson's class was doing a 'wax museum' where they dressed up as famous people and had to stand still until a button was pushed, then they had to talk about the person they were dressed up as and have as much knowledge about that person as possible. Stevenson had to dress up as Wyatt Earp, a famous Old West lawman and gambler. He wore an old school cowboy hat given to him by TJ Osborne, a police badge given to him from Bobby Bones, and an old western costume Amy bought on Amazon.

Amy shared a video on her Instagram along with a photo of Stevenson in his outfit, the caption read,

Stevenson was Wyatt Earp at school today for their “wax museum”! So cute! 😭 He had to stand there all dressed up like a wax figure...then anytime someone walked by & “pressed his button” he had to give a little bio about himself (well, about Wyatt). Such a cute idea, right?? P.S. wardrobe provided by @tjosborne (hat) + @mrbobbybones (police badge) + @amazon (random old western costume!) 🤠