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Amy's Son Approached To Take Picture With Listener When Amy Wasn't Around

Stevenson Photo

Amy has been in the public eye for over 15 years since her time with The Bobby Bones Show started back in Austin. In the last few years, Amy and her husband were finally able to bring home their two children from Haiti after a long 5 year adoption process.

The kids have been part of Amy and her husband's life for about 2 and a half years now. Amy often shares a lot of stories about her daughter and son on the show, from the things they've struggled with since their move here to funny stories they've approved her to share. She's been really open about her life as a new mother and the entire adoption situation. She often shares photos and videos on her Instagram page as well to document their fun moments together.

Recently, Amy's son Stevenson was out in public when a stranger approached him. That stranger was a listener of the show and asked to take a picture with Stevenson, despite the fact that Amy wasn't around. Amy felt it was very inappropriate because she wasn't there to protect him or tell him that he has the option to say yes or no. Stevenson did say yes to the listener, but Amy felt it wasn't fair to put a 9-year-old in that position regardless of who she was.