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Amy's Daughter Had Mishap At Target Because Of Earrings

Amy's Daughter At Target

Amy and her daughter Stachira went shopping at Target. During their shopping trip, Stachira asked if she could get some earrings. Amy said yes and they decided to go look at them together.

While Amy was looking at other things in the section, Stachira was picking out her earrings. She chose a product that had multiple sets of earrings on it. But instead of just taking the already put together product, she started putting her own earrings on the one she had chosen. She was swapping out earrings from other products to put on hers. Basically creating her own pack of 10 earrings rather than just taking it the way it was put together.

On the way home, Stachira casually told Amy what she did and Amy was confused why she would do that. Although, Stachira is still learning things as she grows up and really didn't think she was doing anything wrong. Amy asked The Bobby Bones Show if it was stealing and if they needed to return the earrings to Target. Everyone said that she didn't steal because it wasn't something they didn't pay for, it was just a miscommunication for Stachira.

Bobby Bones encouraged Amy to use the situation as a teaching moment and move forward.