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Amy's Daughter Has Been Doing Something Unsafe After Learning It On TV Show

Amy's daughter Stachira loves to watch Netflix and has watched everything from Friends to Fuller House to Supergirl. She's all about spending time on Netflix when she finishes up her homework.

While Amy was home with her daughter, a delivery man knocked on the door. Before Amy could go to the door, Stachira yelled out "It's always open!" so that the delivery man could open the door. Amy told her not to say that because people who often come to the door are strangers. Stachira said she learned that she could say that after seeing it on Netlfix through the TV Show Fuller House. She thought since they said it on the show, it's fine if she says it at her house.

Amy had to explain to her daughter that things on television aren't always true in real life. So now Stachira knows that all people aren't welcome in their home and she shouldn't tell people the door is always open.