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Amy Has Awkward Encounter With Waiter And Her Son

Amy and her son Stevenson went out to a coffee shop to spend some time together. They both ordered a drink and at this particular coffee shop, the drinks would be delivered to where you were sitting.

So Amy and her son took a seat at one of the tables. Their waiter promptly brought the drinks to their table, but when the waiter was delivering the drinks, he farted. As most adults would, Amy planned to ignore the situation as to not embarrass the waiter. But since she was with her 9-year-old son Stevenson, that ended up being impossible. Stevenson immediately started laughing and called out the waiter saying "Did you just fart?" Stevenson couldn't stop laughing at what happened, but thankfully Amy said the waiter didn't seem to care and just shrugged off the whole situation. Amy says she couldn't have been more embarrassed about the entire situation.

When Amy shared with The Bobby Bones Show, the guys couldn't stop laughing. It was one of those situations that you can't help but laugh at.