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Amy Visited Her Dad & Talked With Him Through A Door

The Covid-19 crisis has a lot of people in quarantine or practicing social distancing. One of the major groups of people feeling the impact of the coronavirus outbreak is the elderly community. Because of this, the elderly community are being taken care of at great lengths to protect them.

Amy's father is one of those individuals. He lives at a retirement facility near Nashville, Tennessee. Normally, he spends a lot of time with Amy and her family. However, with everything going on right now, he's unable to be with them. So Amy took some things to him yesterday (March 19) to make him feel less alone. When she visited him, she wasn't able to directly be with him, she was only able to see him through a glass door where he was standing behind a glass window. They waved to each other and the items she brought in were passed to him from the staff.

One of the items Amy gave him was a video piece to allow him to video with Amy and her family from the safety of his home.