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Amy Sees Bobby Marrying His Girlfriend Caitlin After Text Messages

Bobby Bones was talking with his best friend Amy on The Bobby Bones Show about his girlfriend Caitlin.

Bones and his girlfriend have been in self-quarantine together for the past two weeks and things are still going really well. Recently, Caitlin came back from running a few errands and told Bones that she wanted to help the homeless. She saw that the homeless community seemed to be struggling even more than usual due to the lack of people driving and on the streets. So Caitlin reached out to Amy on advice on how to help. With Amy's connection to Home Street Home TN, Amy gave Caitlin some advice on things to include in some goodie bags to hand out.

Amy said that this text message from Caitlin along with the few interactions she's had with her, has made Amy see Bones possibly marrying Caitlin. The text message from Caitlin said, "Hey! I need your brain for a second. I have driven by a lot of homeless people these past few days and since there aren't many people on the roads now I'm worried they are suffering more than normal as there are less people out to give money, food, etc. I'm wanting to make little bags to take out and pass around, but i'm not sure what to put them in. Do you have any ideas. I know you work a lot with homeless people in the area."

Amy said this text message really shined a light on Caitlin's true personality, and now she sees Bones walking down the aisle to marry Caitlin.