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Amy Visited Her Father Through Door At Assisted Living Home

Amy was super excited because she got to have a bit more intimate of a visit with her father. Recently when she's gone to visit him at his assisted living facility she's had to see him through two glass doors and only give a wave.

Now, the facility has set up a better situation for families visiting their loved ones. Amy and her family went to visit her dad and were able to see him through only one glass door thanks to them setting up a sunroom for visits. So they were able to not only wave to him, but have a conversation over the phone with him and have a little more of a loving interaction while still remaining safe. Amy shared that it's been difficult for him because he's not able to leave his room, as all of the residents have been confined to their rooms and are unable to enjoy movies, eat, or hang out with each other in the common areas. Because of this, Amy's been happy that her father is in town so at least her family can go visit him and not have him feel so alone.

Over Easter, Amy was excited because she got an email from the assisted living facility saying they would set up a one-on-one walk with their loved one. She took it as she'd get to go on a walk with her dad using social distancing, but it was actually them saying they'd set up a one-on-one walk with a caregiver if the family wishes. Amy was disappointed, but said she is thankful for the caregivers there. While the caregivers are able to go back and forth between home and work, they're all being extra cautious to ensure the virus doesn't get passed around.