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Amy Shared The Main Argument In Her Marriage Is Over Parenting

Amy and her husband Ben have been 'official' parents for well over 2 years for their two adopted kids from Haiti. Much like most parents, they have arguments over parenting their kids.

Since being in quarantine together, Amy says they've been having their parenting arguments a lot more than usual since they're all together, all the time. She says most of the time it's about not being on the same page with how to handle a situation with their kids. So now with the current situation, they have to step away from the kids and talk in another room. This allows them to come back together and show a unified front on how to handle punishments and discipline.

Amy confessed that they are still working through a lot of things with the kids because they're only two years into the whole parenting thing. Not to mention adopting older kids made for some different challenges.