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Amy Shares Disordered Eating Experience On Limited Podcast Series OUTWEIGH

Amy Brown of The Bobby Bones Show has partnered with Lisa Hayim (Registered Dietitian and Founder of The Well Necessities & F*RK THE NOISE) are breaking the stigma and exposing the truth about disordered eating in a 4-part podcast series called OUTWEIGH.

In this mini series, Amy & Lisa expose the ‘grey area’ of eating disorders - the subclinical tendencies that many of us partake in, but fail to get help for. Both having overcome their own struggles with disordered eating, Amy and Lisa want to make sure no one feels alone in this journey, and that freedom is in fact possible.

Throughout the series, they hear from real people with real stories who found freedom after a fight as well as bring on experts to best guide & navigate this territory. Their goal is to start a conversation to instill hope for those who are struggling, and provide space for both those going through it, and those who have overcome it. 

Make sure to check out the four-part series below!

Episode 1:

In this first episode of the series, Amy explains the birth story of OUTWEIGH. Lisa and Amy get raw about how language matters, giving details from their own personal lives how intended compliments towards their bodies ended up reinforcing unhealthy behaviors.

Lisa opens up with her personal disordered eating story with orthorexia-sharing how it began and hid perfectly beneath seemingly innocuous "healthy habits" as well as fundamental changes she made to overcome it. She also shares her heartfelt letter to her younger self. We’re joined by our first expert, eating disorder therapist Jennifer Rollin (@jennifer_rollin) who explains what disordered eating is and how you can best care for yourself or a loved one you witness struggling.

We'll also have two special guests, Andrea and Claire bravely share their personal stories and powerful letters to their younger selves. Amy closes out with helpful tips to surviving COVID quarantine talk without drowning in diet culture noise.

Episode 2: 

In the second episode of Outweigh, Amy tells it all with her personal eating disorder story and letter to self, diving into the details of why most therapists couldn’t get through to her, and the book and concept that finally made it “click.”  

Special guest Meri Barnes (@meri_) pops on to share how excited she is to travel with Amy now that she’s willing to experience eating at different places and be flexible. Lauren, our volunteer guest bravely shares her personal stories and powerful letter to her younger selves.

We're joined by two Registered Dietitians Brenna O’Malley (@thewellful) and Karen Neunzig (@kareforyourself). Karen explains what a binge is and why it happens, and the role of a registered dietitian in eating disorders. Brenna shines light on the negative side effects of social media and disordered eating and provides tools on how to create a positive diet culture free social media experience.

At the end of the episode a previous recording that Lisa and Amy did with Kathryn Defatta (@threecordstherapy) that dives into more of Amy's personal story. 


Brain over Binge book 

Episode 3:

In the third episode of Outweigh, Lisa and Amy get into how we don’t need to abandon exercise and “healthy” eating after struggling with disordered eating, but we do need to shift our relationship to them. In this episode, you’ll learn the truth about why counting calories doesn’t work, how exercise addiction happens (and how to spot it), and how food freedom for Amy has brought so much joy into her home.

We’re joined by trainer Kaitlyn Wozinak (@kaitlindinneh), a fitness instructor that that helps women celebrate their bodies through movement. She shares how we can find motivation without focusing solely on weight loss and you can spot obsessive behavior around exercise. We’ll also speak with Alexis Joseph, founder of Alchemy Brand and Hummusapien, (@hummusapien). Alexis shares her story of orthorexia and how her all day cafe has changed as her relationship to food and philosophy evolved.

Our special guests are Chef Laura Lea (@lauraleabalanced) and Rachel, who bravely share their personal stories of how they overcame disordered eating and how they fought and continue to fight each day.

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Episode 4: 

In the 4th episode of OUTWEIGH, Lisa + Amy discuss weight stigma, fear foods, and how we can prioritize health without making it all about the weight. The episode kicks off with Abby, who works on the Bobby Bones Show and helped to produce Outweigh. Abby opens up by sharing how much Outweigh resonated with her own struggles- which were unbeknownst to both Lisa and Amy and serves as the perfect reminder that we can’t predict who’s struggling. Lisa breaks down inner and outer wisdom- the core principles behind her modern mindful eating philosophy she teaches in Fork The Noise. 

They’re joined by expert Dr. Joshua Wolrich (@drjoshuawolrich) who explains what weight stigma is and the dangers. Dr. Wolrich challenges the statement “you need to lose weight” and explains how weight stigma negatively impacts patient care. 

Finally, we hear two personal stories from Kaitlin and Caroline (@carohobby) who open up about how their desire to control their bodies dictated all their decisions, and how they shifted gears to find freedom and happiness.