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Amy Brown & Robin Roberts Exchanged Emotional Stories About Their Lives

Amy Brown finally got to interview one of her favorite people in the world and someone she's been hoping to get the chance to interview, Good Morning America's Robin Roberts for her 4 Things With Amy Brown Podcast.

During the interview, Brown and Roberts exchanged stories that had the two of them connecting on several deep levels. Brown expressed that Roberts' book Everybody's Got Something reminded her of her mom's message of PIMPINJOY. The two reminded listeners of the podcast that those going through something as difficult as cancer like Roberts herself or Brown's mother, that there is still joy in every day even when you allow yourself to have bad days.

Roberts further shared why "Make Your Mess Your Message" is something she hopes people learn from her. She shared stories on the difficult things she's faced in her life; how her mother and father both passed away, her hometown being destroyed by Hurricane Katrina, and going through cancer twice. She wanted to take all of her hardships and remind people that the tragedies in their lives can't take away the joy they may be able to find again someday. She said,

"My message to people is that I didn’t know I had that strength in me. And you don’t know until you are put to the test, what is inside of you.”

During another part of Brown's 4 Things Podcast, Roberts discussed getting to teach a MasterClass on authenticity and genuine communication. She shared the things we use to be socially connected that we sometimes take for granted; especially when things like the pandemic happen.

Every guest on Brown's podcast shares the 4 Things they're grateful for and Roberts was no exception, her 4 Things included: health, being the daughter of two amazing parents, that she is loved and knows how to love back, and "something she had to work on" and that is being grateful in the moment and staying present.

And on a lighter note, Roberts answered some fun questions. She shared that she only hits the snooze button once. Her favorite country song is Kenny Rogers' "Through The Years" and she even touched on being a country radio DJ when she was in college. She's not a huge TV binge watcher, the last thing she truly watched was Succession. She even confessed the two things that made her the most nervous in her career; political interviews and presenting the Entertainer Of The Year Award to George Strait at the CMA Awards.