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Amy Gets Emotional Discussing Difficult Conversation She Had With Her Kids

During The Bobby Bones Show today (June 1), Amy opened up about the very real conversations she's having with her adopted children right now. Amy and her husband Ben adopted two black children from Haiti over two years ago.

Amy admitted that since getting their children into the United States and home with them, she's avoided having the really big conversation that she's needed to have. They've had small conversations, but after recent events, she says that they're at a place where they can't ignore anything anymore. She and her husband are trying to be as educated as possible to have the right conversations with their kids, especially being sensitive to the fact that Amy and her husband will have privileges that they understand their kids won't.

While watching their virtual church service this weekend, the recent events were a big topic of discussion. During their church session, Amy said that they paused the sermon several times to take their kids questions about what was happening. At one point, Amy shared that her 9-year-old son Stevenson said "Wait a second... this doesn't make sense to me. God made us all the same." And that alone made Amy have to get up from the room and go to the bathroom to cry.

She continued by sharing that "It's a very real thing in my house." She said as parents, they have a responsibility to be fully educated. She ordered all the books this weekend and started following and unfollowing accounts on Instagram so that she's consuming the right information. She knows that where it starts is in their home. Amy started to get emotional while talking to Bobby Bones, she said,

"The truth is... we do see color. They will get treated different than me. I can't ignore that."

Amy continued despite getting emotional saying that the best thing she can do as a parent is to do better, educate herself, and be a voice to others than you an unlearn things you've been taught so that you can better. Amy said that she is going into her 40s wiser than she ever was before.