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Amy Shares Update On Her Father After Caregiver Tests Positive For COVID-19

Amy's dad is nursing home in Nashville. She and her family haven't been able to directly see him since coronavirus hit months ago. They've been able to have some visits through a glass door, but besides that, Amy hasn't been able to hug or take her dad on walks for months.

Despite some states lifting social distancing restrictions, Amy's dad is still being kept in isolation from other members of his nursing home and from her family because he's higher at risk for getting the coronavirus. As it turns out, one of the caregivers on his floor has tested positive for coronavirus. Amy shared that her dad doesn't know and she's not going to tell him because it's too much anxiety. They're trying to keep him in a positive state of mind to not provoke anything while this is all still going on.

Because of his caregiver getting the virus, Amy's dad is now going to be tested for coronavirus on Monday or Tuesday of next week.