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Amy's Softball Coach Says Amy Was A Valuable Player Back In The Day

Over the last several weeks Amy has been pleading her case to the show that she has some true athleticism. The guys have always believed that Amy is a bit too clumsy to truly be athletic like some of the other members of the show.

Recently, the guys started talking about putting together a show softball team to play in recreational leagues. Since most of the show is pretty athletic they thought it would be a great time. Amy got upset that she wasn't directly asked because she used to play softball back in middle school. The guys laughed when she told them she was a really good ball player, so in order to prove it to them she asked her old softball coach, Coach Frankie, to call into The Bobby Bones Show.

Coach Frankie called in today (June 16) and definitely proved Amy's athleticism. Coach Frankie shared that Amy was very energetic, had a lot of spunk, and she was a scrappy player that filled in a lot of roles for them. She also confirmed that Amy started for them. She played the positions of catcher, left field, and 3rd base. Amy played the position of catcher during FastPitch Softball when it was necessary to have a solid catcher. Amy was also a switch hitter and a really excellent bunter.

Then it was further confirmed that Amy has some athleticism when Coach Frankie says she would give Amy an A for her athletic ability.