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Amy Confessed She Tricked Her Son With His Favorite Peanut Butter

Amy's kids love when their parents make them pancakes or waffles for breakfast. During a recent breakfast at home, Amy had an ordeal with her son Stevenson.

She shared that in their pantry at home, they have a lot of different nut butters and peanut butters. Stevenson loves to have a particular peanut butter on his pancakes and they ran out of it, so he decided that he didn't want to eat anymore. Amy got really frustrated with him because they had another peanut butter he could have, but he refused since it wasn't his favorite kind.

So Amy decided to take the empty jar of Stevenson's favorite peanut butter and use it as the label with the other peanut butter they had in the pantry. He ate it the next morning without any problems and Amy chuckled to herself noting that she pulled one over on him. He had no idea that she made the switch and didn't even comment that it tasted any different.