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Amy Has Car Accident With Mazda Client's Car

Amy is currently doing advertisements for the car manufacturer Mazda for her podcast. The Mazda client even gave Amy a car that she can drive around for a few weeks and get a feel for things so that when when she's reading advertisements for them she can really speak to the product.

For the past 3 weeks, Amy and her kids have been riding around the car without any issues. In fact, her son Stevenson loves the car so much that he wants Amy to drive it more than the car she owns. Things were fine, until this week when they were getting a basketball goal installed at their house. The concrete was newly put in and they had a small pole in place while the concrete dried. Amy was backing out and forgot it was there and backed right into the new pole.

Now the Mazda has some damage to its back bumper, and the back door hatch. Amy and our head producer Scuba Steve were reaching out to the client to let them know what happened and they will be reporting back an update.