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Amy's Daughter Makes Pitch For TV In Her Room

Amy's 13-year-old daughter Stachira is making her case for getting her parents to approve having a TV in her room.

A few days ago, Amy shared on The Bobby Bones Show that Stachira was trying to get a TV in her room. However, Amy and her husband didn't think it was a good idea. Amy never had a TV in her room growing up and until recently, her and her husband didn't even have a TV in their room. They think it's best to only have a television in the family room so the kids don't stay in their rooms all the time.

Today, Amy shared that Stachira had pitched her and her husband the reasons why she should be allowed to have a television in her room and Amy recorded it. Stachira's pitch shared the following reasons: She's responsible, she has the perfect space in her room for it, the television will help her sleep, she will still do all of her homework, she would invite her mom to come up to spend time with her, and she would take it to college with her. All valid reasons for having a TV, but as of now Amy and her husband have not made a decision on whether or not she can have it.