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Amy Confesses They Have A Microwave & Use It Every Day At New Home

For years, Amy has been sharing on The Bobby Bones Show that she doesn't use a microwave and she never would. She believed that using microwaves was putting some bad chemicals in your food to eventually make you sick.

Amy would share on the show that she would heat up even small things like coffee with the stove. Her husband at one point even wanted a microwave for their home, but Amy fought against it. She got him one to put in the garage that he could use, but she and the kids still used the stove. That was all until they moved into their new house this year. A listener called in to ask if Amy got a microwave with their home. Turns out the home came with a really nice microwave built in and her family has been using it many times every single day.

She confessed that she's not sure how she got along without it before. And they were using it so much so that the microwave recently broke. Now they have to get it fixed and in the meantime, they've been using their stove again. Despite her initial beliefs, Amy said she misses the microwave and joked that she never thought she'd be telling her husband to "get the microwave fixed."