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Amy Hilariously Commentates Sunday Night Football

A listener requested The Bobby Bones Show to bring back the segment where Amy shares her commentary on the big NFL games from the weekend. In this segment, Amy commentates on football games just as commentators for the game would act, however she throws her own spin onto them making them more about the uniforms, and the dateability of the players.

On today's show (September 21), Amy shared her commentating on the games Tennessee Titans vs. Jacksonville Jaguars, Denver Broncos vs. Pittsburg Steelers, and Baltimore Ravens vs. Houston Texans. During the Titans and Jaguars game, Amy brought up the idea of penalty voting. She says they should put penalties up for a vote and then let the audience decide if it's a penalty or not. For the Ravens and Texans game, Amy commented on the Ravens uniforms. She said that whoever picked out their uniforms should be proud because they really popped on the green grass. As far as the Broncos and Steelers go, Amy pit the quarterbacks against each other in a "who would you date" scenario. She said that she'd probably choose Drew Lock, even though he looks extremely young, because she would never choose Ben Roethlisberger.