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Amy Got Emotional Watching Her Daughter's First Soccer Game

Amy's daughter has been interested in soccer for over a year now. Last year, she played in a fun league at the YMCA with kids of all ages. Now she's getting to play on her school team and this week marked their first game.

While talking about the first game on The Bobby Bones Show, Amy shared that she got emotional while watching her daughter. She said that this is her first real, awesome school experience with friends and sports and it made Amy happy to see her daughter getting the teenage life she's wanted. Amy added that it was the most heartwarming to see her sitting with her other teammates on the beach cheering on the rest of the team. She also loved when her daughter's coach gave her dabs as she was coming off the field.

Their team won the game and scored 5 goals total. Amy's daughter went in twice and Amy was even able to catch a moment where her daughter blocked the ball with her leg on film. Her daughter was having such a good time that she asked to stay for some of the boy's game afterwards so she could spend more time with her teammates. Amy didn't even care that they were going to be late for bed time because her daughter was having the best time.