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Show Debates Whether Amy's Situation With Her Son Was Just A 'White Lie'

On The Bobby Bones Show today (October 7) Amy shared a story about an interaction she had with her son.

Amy's son's favorite song to sing is Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani's "Nobody But You." He jams to the song often and recently took a video of himself singing the song. He asked Amy to post it on her Instagram page and tag them so that Shelton and Stefani could see it. So Amy posted it, however Shelton and Stefani never "saw it" as Amy didn't receive the seen message on Instagram.

When her son asked if Shelton and Stefani had seen the video yeah, Amy told a white lie. She told them "yeah, they saw it, probably" knowing that they definitely had not seen the video. The show debated whether Amy's lie was a white lie or a bad lie. They ultimately decided it was just a white lie, but Lunchbox said it was a bad lie.