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Amy's Daughter Helped Her Parent Her Son With Funny Statement

Amy's son was misbehaving and none of her ways of communicating with him were working. That's when her daughter stepped in to help.

Her son was acting out and Amy was trying to find ways to work with him so that things got better. However, he wasn't listening. So Amy's daughter Stachira told her that she wanted to help. So Stachira went to talk to Amy's son in his room without mom. When Amy's son came out of the room, he was miraculously acting much better.

That's when Amy asked "Ok, what did you say to him?" to her daughter. Stachira said she told him that he better start listening to mom, because if he doesn't, he would grow a tail. Amy laughed at first and when she asked Stachira why she said that, she said that's what he needed to hear. She thinks she might have picked it up the line from TV or at school.