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Amy Launches 'Amy Brown Podcast Network' With 3 New Podcasts

iHeartMedia, the No. 1 podcast publisher globally, and Amy Brown, co-host of iHeartMedia’s CMA and ACM Award-winning Country radio program The Bobby Bones Show and host of the popular 4 Things with Amy Brown podcast announced today a partnership to launch The Amy Brown Podcast Network. The network includes a slate of health and wellness podcasts that will be co-produced by Brown and iHeartRadio.

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality programming across every podcast genre – and health and wellness is one of the most important categories in the medium right now, given the engagement of the listeners and the authenticity of the content,” said Conal Byrne, President of the iHeartPodcast Network. “Amy is an incredible podcast talent – not just as the host of her own show, but someone who has a great eye for recruiting and developing new podcasts, too – and we want to support that however we can."

The Amy Brown Podcast Network will launch this week with three podcasts: OUTWEIGH with Amy Brown & Lisa Hayim,” “You Need Therapy with Kathryn DeFatta and The Truthiest Life with Lisa Hayim.” The new shows will be available on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

“I’m so thankful for the opportunity to team up with iHeartRadio to highlight these brilliant women and give them a platform to share their voices through The Amy Brown Podcast Network,” said Amy. “The work they’re doing to empower people and improve their lives is inspiring. I can’t wait to share these shows, and others to come, with listeners!”

“OUTWEIGH with Amy Brown & Lisa Hayim:" Amy Brown and Lisa Hayim (registered dietitian and founder of The Well Necessities & F*RK THE NOISE) aim to break the stigma and expose the truth about disordered eating. They expose the ‘grey area’ of eating disorders - the subclinical tendencies many people partake in but fail to get help for. Having overcome their own struggles with disordered eating, Amy and Lisa share their personal experiences, as well as stories from real people who found their food freedom, and conversations with experts who share their guidance. “OUTWEIGH” is an iHeartRadio Original Podcast that started as a mini-series within Amy’s“4 Things”podcast. The weekly podcast will be available on Saturdays beginning October 24.

“You Need Therapy with Kathryn DeFatta:" Licensed therapist Kathryn DeFatta invites listeners into conversations around what it’s like to live fully in a world where we’ve become accustomed to shutting parts of ourselves off. The podcast offers listeners a space that welcomes discomfort, tough questions, and hard truths - a space where figuring yourself out is just as fun as it is scary. In this show, listeners will get weekly doses of both education around mental health from licensed professionals and real stories from individuals that feel like friends. “You Need Therapy” aims to spread the message that therapy isn't just for people who have something wrong with them - therapy is for everyone. You may not want it, but the truth is, “You Need Therapy.” DeFatta will guest host “4 Things with Amy Brown” today, October 22. The first episode of “You Need Therapy with Kathyrn DeFatta” will debut Monday, October 26.

“The Truthiest Life with Lisa Hayim:" In the age of social media, filters and highlight reels, we work tirelessly to make sure no one sees our cracks, faults and the messy moments. But what if we let our human show? What if instead, we strived for unconditional vulnerability? Only then could we stay soft in life’s hardest moments and show up as our TRUE selves – the version of us the world needs. In this iHeartRadio Original Podcast, Lisa Hayim shares tips, tools and conversations that will leave listeners inspired and ready to live their own truthiest life. “The Truthiest Life with Lisa Hayim” will be available weekly each Friday beginning October 23.