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Amy Got Email From Her Daughter's School That Made Her Stomach Drop

Every parent knows that getting an email from your kid's school can be pretty terrifying. Especially when that email is wrapped up like it's going to be something bad.

That's what Amy originally thought. Amy received an email from her daughter Stachira's school. The email's subject read that it was a Confidential Behavior Notice for Stachira and by that text, Amy thought something bad happened. Then she went to read the email and it started off by saying this email is to inform you of a behavior event record for your child.

Amy kept thinking what happened was bad or otherwise it wouldn't sound so official. However, when the email finally detailed the event that happened, it shared that Stachira was caught doing something good. Her teacher shared that she observed Stachira during history class and she had a very kind and respectful behavior. The teacher added that Stachira is a really hard worker and kind to others. Amy was so happy with the news, and she shared it with Stachira, who didn't even know she was doing anything good at the time.