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Amy Paid $80 For Dog Whisperer To Help With Her Rescue Dog's Barking

Amy's rescue dog Kara has been barking more lately than she ever has since Amy's family rescued her.

Instead of going to training or something more expensive, Amy's friend suggested that Amy do a call with this known dog whisperer. The dog whisperer works over the phone and helps just by listening to the pup over the phone line while looking at a picture of the dog. While Amy has always been transparent about not believing in physic situations, she did confess that the whole experience was pretty crazy.

Amy payed $80 for the service, which the guys of Bobby Bones Show all gave her a hard time about. Amy added that she's not sure it was worth that price, but the dog whisperer seemed to know Kara's old name from her rough life before Amy's family adopted her. There was no possible way for this psychic to know that, so Amy thought it was pretty unusual. Amy said that there were other things the dog whisperer picked up on that were super personal and it made Amy definitely question a lot of things.

Bobby plans to bring the dog whisperer on The Bobby Bones Show to have the person try to read his pup Stanley's mind in the coming weeks.