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Amy & Her Daughter Will Be Bridesmaid At Bobby And Caitlin's Wedding

Bobby Bones and Caitlin's wedding is coming up this summer. Some of the details have been kept privately between Bones and Caitlin, but others are slowly being shared on The Bobby Bones Show.

During today's show (January 12), Bones was talking about his recent cake tasting with Caitlin. He shared that they went together to try food for their wedding menu and cakes for possible wedding cake options. While he's going along with all the activities, he confessed that Caitlin is the one in charge of all the wedding things.

While talking about the wedding, Bones also revealed some big news. Neither he or Caitlin has revealed who will be their bridesmaids and groomsmen, until today. Bones shared that Amy is going bridesmaid dress shopping with Caitlin today. He further revealed that Amy will be one of Caitlin's bridesmaids and her daughter Stachira will be a junior bridesmaid in the wedding. Bones and Amy did also address that he briefly considered having her as a "best woman" on his side, but Amy joked that Bones is too OCD to have a woman on his side during the wedding.