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Amy Sings Karaoke Of The Chicks "There's Your Trouble"

At this time in 1998, The then Dixie Chicks released their major-label debut album Wide Open Spaces. Their album changed their entire career and would be one of the things that would change the trajectory of country music.

This album had several fan favorites on it from "There's Your Trouble," "I Can Love You Better," and of course "Wide Open Spaces." Amy was one of those fans who jammed out to the album, particularly one song during karaoke nights in college. She confessed during The Bobby Bones Show that she would often go up to sing "There's Your Trouble" and hope that a guy she liked would come in and see her singing the song.

After her confession, Amy was asked to show off her karaoke skills and sing her chosen song "There's Your Trouble." And she did admit that the guy she liked, never ended up seeing her at karaoke.