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Amy's 13-Year-Old Daughter Wants A Locked Diary

Amy's 13-year-old daughter Stachira is finding her passions and things she's interested in. As with most girls in their teen years, she has started to want some privacy for the things in her life.

Recently, Stachira asked Amy if she could get a locked diary. Stachira forgot her email password and wished she had it written down safely somewhere. So then she felt like a locked diary would be the best option to keep her passwords somewhere safe. Amy said that she loves the idea because it could potentially turn into Stachira writing down her thoughts and it being a healthy exercise. Then Amy immediately thought of the reverse situation where something could be going on with Stachira and she's writing it all away, but it's locked so Amy has no idea what's going on.

Amy definitely has some mixed emotions going on with the idea of her daughter having a locked diary.