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Amy Overheard An Uncomfortably Awkward Conversation On The Airplane

Amy recently had to travel and while she was on her plane, she overheard a really uncomfortably awkward conversation that made her go "What's wrong with people!?" Her personal story inspired the funny segment 'What's Wrong With People' on The Bobby Bones Show today (April 20).

After getting seated on her plane, Amy and one of her friends overheard a conversation happen. One woman asked another woman, strangers to each other, about her haircut. The one woman said to the other: "Are you doing chemo or did you just give yourself a super cute, short haircut?" Amy and her friend overheard the woman with the short haircut give a very kind answer despite the rude question. She told the woman that she recently had some stressful things happen in her life that made her hair start falling out, so she decided to cut it.

Amy and her friend couldn't believe what they overheard, she said they were in total shock at the whole situation.