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Amy Shares The Last Moments With Her Dad

As listeners of The Bobby Bones Show know, Amy has been out the last two weeks as she grieved the passing of her father. Today (April 19), she returned to work for the first time and shared some of the last moments she had with her father.

Amy shared that he had just finished moving in with her family when he started not feeling well. The ambulance got called, and as he was getting loaded in he was acting like everything was fine. Amy said that she even told him she'd be ready to pick him up tomorrow. However, that's not what happened. While in the hospital, the family ended up coming into town and as they were all in the hospital, he took his final breath to a very important song. Amy said it made them all believe he was two-stepping his way to heaven.

Since losing her father, Amy wanted to share that she went off to do very in-depth therapy. She wanted to work through all of her emotions she's been experiencing for the past several months, that way it wouldn't all "implode" at some future moment. She feels like she's back now a better person, but she's still working through a lot of things.

Amy added a really sweet story about her father and how he'd want her to be right now, "My dad would not want me feeling sad for him. He had a great life. He loved what we do, he loved the show. He was excited to be at the house and be part of this entire life."