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Amy Got Judgy DM From Listener About Her Response To "TGIF"

During The Bobby Bones Show a few days ago, the show was talking about the phrase "TGIF" during a segment. Amy thought it stood for "Thank Goodness It's Friday," rather than the typical "Thank God It's Friday."

While differentiating between the two in pop culture doesn't necessarily matter, it did matter to one listener in particular. A listener who heard the segment reached out to Amy through her DMs on Instagram to share a not so kind message. The listener accused Bobby of being the reason Amy's faith isn't what it used to be and hit Amy about not bringing her faith up on the show. She also noted that it's necessary to say "Thank God It's Friday."

Amy was understandably offended because while she has a complicated relationship with her faith since losing her mother to cancer, she feels she's come a long way in her faith. She also noted that she talks about her faith often on the show and Bobby has given her the go ahead to speak on it whenever she'd like. Amy also clapped back noting that she didn't believe she should say "Thank God It's Friday," because she was taught growing up not to use God's name in vein.