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Amy On What Inspired Her New Birding Hobby

The pandemic inspired several people to invest in some new hobbies while they were stuck at home. Bobby Bones Show listeners may have picked up recently that Amy is one of those who picked up a few new hobbies over the past year.

First we heard about her working on puzzles as a new therapeutic activity. Her puzzle hobby is what inspired her to get into the hobby of birding. Amy's son wanted a bird feeder in their backyard, but Amy didn't pay much attention to the new feeders until late last year. She would work on puzzles while sitting at the kitchen and over the last few months started noticing all the birds at the feeder. Then Amy's mother-in-law got her a bird chart to identify all of the birds, and her birding hobby has just spiraled from there.

Amy has done her research to find the best feeders and bird seed for her area. Her favorite bird seeder is this one, because it attracts the most variety of birds. She often sees Cardinals, Chickadees, Woodpeckers, Mourning Doves, and most recently, Blue Jays. One of the Cardinals in Amy's backyard now has a name, Happy! Amy said his belly is a little bit different than the other Cardinals, so he's an easy one to spot. She added that once she starts recognizing more of their individual features, she will start naming even more of them.