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Amy May Be Getting Scammed With Cat Situation

Last Christmas, Amy and her husband gifted a cat to their daughter Stachira. However, they still had to purchase the cat, they more so gave Stachira permission to have a cat in the house.

Due to allergies, and Amy's dog having some specific personality traits, they had to get a specific cat from a breeder. Amy noted she is all about pet adoption and thinks it's still the best route to go, but for the specific needs to be met they had to go through a breeder. Amy sent the breeder a money order for the deposit to put down on the kitten that would be their family's. Apparently, the kitten that was meant for their family died shortly after birth. Or so the breeder told Amy. They haven't seen any photos of anything, and are starting to think they're getting scammed.

The breeder said they would have another kitten available in a few months, but Amy is skeptical of the whole situation now.