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Amy Got A Strange Response From Her Possible Cat Scammers

The Cat Gate situation with Amy and the "cat breeder" continues. She shared the latest update on The Bobby Bones Show today (May 17).

A few weeks ago Amy shared that her and her husband were trying to find a particular cat to bring into their home after giving their daughter Stachira the approval to have a cat at Christmas. However things haven't been going as planned. Though they would want to adopt, it's not the best idea with their dog and some family members having allergies. So they reached out to a cat breeder and put down a deposit.

That's when things took a turn, the breeder told Amy and her husband that the kitten they had for their family had died shortly after birth. Which is a very likely situation, however Amy hasn't seen any photos of the parents or really any proof of them having these cats in the first place. After that response, Amy hadn't heard more from the breeder until recently. When she reached out to find out what the next steps were and why she hadn't heard from them, they said because "it's all just so sad."

Amy admitted that of course that's true, but if they are reputable breeders then they still should have reached out to the individuals paying them money to help rectify the situation. So as of now, Cat Gate continues.