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Amy Is In Uncomfortable Situation With Her Dad's Ashes

Amy's dad passed away a little over a month ago, but his funeral is happening this weekend.

Her dad requested to be cremated, so when he passed they fulfilled his request. This weekend, they're headed back to Texas to have his celebration of life. Though since he was living in Nashville with Amy and her family during the time of his passes, he was cremated in Tennessee. So this weekend, Amy will be traveling with her dad's ashes to get back to their home state.

With the passing of a loved one, some uncomfortable situations arise. As is the case with Amy and her family. Some family members asked Amy to separate some of her dad's ashes for themselves to do something with. However, Amy felt that was really weird and immediately said now. But looking back on the situation, she started thinking that maybe that's what people do. She just felt weird separating her father's ashes. Talking with The Bobby Bones Show members, Amy realized that it's more common to separate ashes than she thought and now she's thinking about letting that happen. Though she admitted she's not quite comfortable doing it just yet.