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Amy Had To Watch 'Old Yeller' For The First Time

During The Bobby Bones Show a few weeks back, the show was discussing movies that were really good, but they could never watch again. During the segment the classic movie Old Yeller came up, and Amy and Eddie both confessed they had never seen the movie.

Naturally, that turned into another segment where Amy and Eddie had to watch Old Yeller and review it. Amy was the first up to watch it and she was not happy that she watched the movie. She said the dog was cute, but besides that everything else was traumatic. She ended up giving the movie a 1% review and told people not to watch it. She also added that she's not in a place emotionally to watch a movie like that, but also probably wouldn't ever be. She encouraged other listeners not to watch the movie, and especially not to watch the movie with kids despite the fact it's a Disney movie.