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Amy Got In Her First Ever Car Wreck

Amy has had some few bad driving situations, which is why the guys on the show give her a hard time and dub her the "worst driver on the show." Though, she's always hit objects that aren't moving like a basketball goal amongst other things. It wasn't until just recently that Amy found herself in a really bad car accident.

She prefaced the whole situation by sharing that the other guy was 100% at fault. He crossed over and then clearly couldn't figure out what he was doing, she swerved and he ended up still hitting the backside of her vehicle. The worst part was what happened after. The other driver kept trying to buy Amy off with cash, and made it pretty clear he didn't want to get cops involved or use insurance. Thankfully for Amy, a cop was nearby trying to direct traffic and saw the situation from afar. The cop came over and got involved so a police report got filed, and then Amy left. She said she felt bad for the other driver because he seemed to not have insurance, and there were some other cops that had to get involved with him.