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Listeners Help Diagnose Amy's Dog With An Issue After Instagram Post

Amy shares a lot of her little moments at home via her Instagram page. Most of those little moments include the drinks she sips on in the mornings, her puzzles, her bird feeding and watching, as well as time with her dog Kara.

She shared a video on her Instagram Story of her dog Kara really going at it with her ear itching. Amy shared on The Bobby Bones Show that normally Kara itches and moves on, but this time she was full on itching for at least an entire minute. Listeners immediately hit her up letting her know that her dog Kara might be experiencing ear mites.

So Amy looked up symptoms of ear mites in dogs, which include excessive itching of the ears, debris in the ears that looks like coffee grounds, inflammation in the ear, and a strong odor. As it turns out Kara had all of those, meaning she was likely dealing with ear mites. Amy found a great home remedy and Kara is already doing incredibly better. Amy credits that to listeners who were paying close attention and reached out to help.