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Amy & Her Family Welcomed A New Furry Family Member

After months of dealing with a cat scammer and not being able to find the cat perfect for their home, Amy and her daughter finally got to pick up their new family member!

During the Bobby Bones Show's two-week vacation, Amy and her daughter Stachira went out to California to see one of Amy's good friends. But the main part of their trip was going to pick up their family's new kitten and transporting it back to Nashville. Amy shared several photos and videos of their adventure including a post of Amy introducing their kitten named Maggie. Amy sported a new Shop Forward pullover in the photos appropriately saying "cat mom."

Maggie made the trip back to Nashville in a cat backpack carrier with Amy and Stachira in the airplane's cabin. Since then, Maggie has been seen adventuring around Amy's house and even appearing in a fun little video alongside Amy.