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Amy Almost Got In Car Accident After Spider Fell From Visor

Amy came into The Bobby Bones Show this morning (August 13) ready to admit that she almost got put in Lunchbox's Bonehead Story Of The Day.

She was driving her car in her neighborhood the other day when it was really sunny out. She went to put her visor down and that's when a spider fell down on top of her. She ended up being very reactive and understandably freaking out. She swerved and was doing everything to get the spider away from her or out of the car. At this point, she's unsure if the spider ever made it out of the car, if it's alive or if it's still crawling around in there somewhere.

Amy admits that during the whole incident she feels really lucky that she was just driving in her neighborhood only going about 8 mph. Because had she been on a busy street, her swerving could have been really bad for herself and any other drivers.