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Amy Creating Technology Contract With Her Kids

Parents are always just trying to do the best things they can for their kids. Amy is doing something that can help the situation with technology in her house.

One of Amy's friends is a lawyer and she drew up a technology contract for her and her son. She said it really set boundaries and made the whole argument over technology almost non-existent in their household. So Amy decided to follow suit and put together a technology contract for her kids. They're working on it together so they both agree to the terms. While some of the Bobby Bones Show members thought it was a crazy idea, Amy reiterated how much it helped her friend and put in some necessary boundaries when it comes to kids and technology.

Bobby Bones started representing Amy's kids making some high negotiations for them to be able to be on their phones and play video games for several hours. However, Amy didn't make any agreements to the things he was saying and laughed it off.