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Amy Complimented on How She’s Been Handling Her Divorce

Earlier this year, Amy announced she and Ben are getting divorced.

It’s been a hard journey, but she finally feels like they’re in a positive place in their life. The other day she had to drop something off at his lawyer's office, and while there, she was complimented on how well they have been handling the divorce.  

She was told most people aren’t amicable with their ex-partner during the process, but they have been extremely mature with each other. She even suggested they write a book about how to properly co-parent. There of course have been some difficulties, but for the most part they have only wanted to do what is best for their children, even if their lawyers didn’t always agree with some of the end results they agreed upon. Amy took it as a huge compliment because she is proud of the hard work her and Ben have put in to make sure they can be the best co-parents possible.