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Amy’s Son Given Grade After Never Learning Content

The school Amy’s son was previously enrolled in shut down, so this year, he and all his classmates are starting at a new school.

They are being tested to see which classes they belong in and find out their strengths and weaknesses. Amy received an e-mail from the school addressing questions they have been asked about the process. One of the questions was, “Why does my child have to go backwards in grade levels when they made all As or Bs on their report cards?” The school stated that they only received that grade because at the old school their teacher was directed by the Principal to give them an A or B regardless of if they actually earned it. The school moderator required the student to master a subject with at least a B before moving on, and they wanted it to appear that all the kids were moving on. They went on to say that their child may have never even truly learned the content. 

The previous school did not give homework because their mission was to complete everything while at school so there is no stress at home. Now that the new school gives homework, when Amy was helping her son with it, it did become apparent he did not know certain things that she thought he passed when he learned it. The old school they paid for, so it made it more infuriating for Amy.  

She’s not sure where this is headed, but his new school is handling the situation great, and she’s impressed with the teachers!