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Amy Encourages People To Drink Water First Thing In The Morning

The first thing Amy does every morning is chug 8oz of water. She read that what happens to your body at night is it’s repairing and detoxing so that’s why you might wake up feeling dehydrated. If you drink 8oz of water first thing in the morning, it will reduce brain fog, improve circulation and stimulate things. It made her curious to know what The Bobby Bones Show members do first thing in the morning.  

Lunchbox shared the first thing he does is go to the bathroom and pee. Eddie sits at the edge of his bed for a minute and thinks to himself, “Am I going to make it today?” He has to hype himself up for the day because he said everything hurts in his body and he’s exhausted. Then he slowly makes it to the bathroom. Bobby Bones shared the first thing he does is pet his dogs because they sit at the door waiting for him.