Eddie's Foster Baby Took First Steps

Eddie Foster Baby Steps

Eddie and his wife have been foster parents for several months now, they have four children in their home. Two of the kids are theirs, and two of the kids are fosters. One of their foster children was given to them at birth and they've had the baby ever since. Well not only has the baby been great in his growth, he just took his first steps.

While talking about the monumental event, Eddie shared that his wife did send a video to the parents of the child. He said that they do communicate with them when it's big life events as they want them to be involved, if the parents choose. He says that the baby sees Eddie and his wife as his parents because he hasn't known any different since birth.

Eddie also shared an update with what's happening in the situation. The foster kids have been at their house for a year, and the parents are at the point where they may lose their rights, however, Eddie said the parents can resist losing rights and the kids could be there for another year.

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