Eddie Wants To Bite His Foster Baby To Teach Him A Lesson

Eddie is in quite the predicament since his foster baby started biting everyone.

Back in high school, Eddie had a pet ferret. When Eddie first got the ferret, he would bite often. Eddie's vet told him to train him not to bite, he should bite him back. So after a few instances of Eddie biting his ferret on the nose, the ferret stopped biting people all together.

Now Eddie is wanting to use that same rule of thumb when it comes to his foster child. The baby has been crawling around and every time the child grabs someone's leg, he bites them. Eddie wants to teach him that biting isn't ok. So he asked The Bobby Bones Show if he should bite his foster baby back to teach him not to bite because it hurts. The reactions were mixed. Some saying they've had a lot of success with biting back, and others saying there are other ways to teach the baby. Also, some noted that since it's a foster child, there can be other complications if Eddie goes through with it.

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